AT 1000

AT 1000 is an effective additive for use in treating system water in closed recirculation systems, hot or cold.



AT 1000
Concentrated Heating and Cooling System Additive

• Anti-Freeze Compatible
• Prevents Corrosion
• Non-Chromate
• Concentrated
• Safe

Description: AT 1000 is an effective additive for use in treating hot or cold system water in closed recirculation systems.

Benefits: AT 1000 prolongs the life of the system as well as protects against corrosion in system lines. This product contains rust and corrosion inhibitors for steel, aluminum and copper parts along with very effective scale and sludge inhibitors to help prevent build-ups of efficiency robbing scale. Reduces cavitations’ related corrosion and erosion.

Directions: Add sufficient AT 1000 to maintain 600-1000 ppm of nitrate in system.





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